Actionscript Highlighter for WordPress

I really like wordpress. Never saw something to install that simple.
I also found a code highlighter plugin, which supports Actionscript.
Now I am using CodeHighlighter.

To show, how it works, here is a little codesnippet I found in a c++ code for getting Array Entries by pairs:

function connectIndices( array: Array ): Void
	var i: Number;
	var j: Number;
	var a: Number = array.length;

	for( j = a - 1, i = 0 ; i < a ; j = i, i++ )
		trace( [i,j] );

//-- Outputs

You need this frequently when connecting points of a polygon as segments. It's currently the fastest solution I found for this problem. ok. Actionscript highlighting works fine :)

6 thoughts on “Actionscript Highlighter for WordPress”

  1. Thansk for the functional example ;)

    I’m new to your weblog so i wanted to know what you were using before you made the switch?

    I use moveable type but also started playing around with wordpress… The problem is that I want to import all my old posts from mt into a fresh wordpress install… how did you manage to make the change?

  2. I just switched from wordpress v1.0 to v1.5. I have no experience with mt, cause I didn’t get it to work. Isn’t there (wordpress site) a tutorial, how to move from mt to wordpress ?

  3. I just googled it and found this article:

    It’s got all the links to the resources you need… Now I have no more excuses to make the move… he he he

    It also turns out the clever people behind wordpress bunddled a script to take care of the problem called:


    one more thing i wanted to ask is, how efficent is wordpress when it comes to spam… mt is really powerfull if you have mtblacklist installed…

    sorry, don’t mean to make this a mt versus wordpress thing, I just want to see it from a wordpress users point of view…

  4. Andre, you have to write a book, seriously, you have so much knowledge and skill and I want some of it too!

    Do consider it, maybe you could publish and sell it through whatever company you cureently work for (extrajetz still?). I would buy it, as I’m sure would most Flash developers reading the Flash blog circuit. It’s be great.


  5. When I tried to activate the plugin it failed to run, because it was unable to find the PEAR.php file. Please include it along with the distribution for the people without PEAR.

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