7 thoughts on “ars-berlin dot com”

  1. This is Flash how we like it. All internet sites should look like this and live is more exciting!
    I like the “FUCK HARTZ 4” when you select Kontakt->Jobs!

  2. the ars website makes me smile a little – but there are good reasons that websites dont look like this anymore. after a few seconds i was annoyed of the navigation, texts which are difficult to read and stuff like that..

    tomsamson: i removed the link. i thought it woul be interesting that we plan to launch the new website soon – dont mind :)

  3. Professional websites NEVER looked like this and that’s the point why I really love this site. I like it when people take theirself not too seriously, even though they make very professional work.

  4. yeah,i totally agree with andré,its great to see such (intended) unstylish style done in such perfection and at the same time,yeah,i love it too,when someone shows he doesn´t take hisself too serious =)
    sure its good that not most sites look like that,but yeah,kudos for doing such a site anyway =)
    @dr: sounds sweet,looking forward to the new site =)

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