AS3 BitmapCloud 3D

A short study to test, how many 3D particles could be rendered in AS3. Seems a huge. The code scanlines a bitmap and creates 3D coordinates with a random z-value. The computed x,y values result a normal 2D view, when projecting without further transformation. By clicking the mouse button, you can rotate the particles in 3d space. In this case, I’m rotating and projecting 9180 particles.
try your own pictures -default-size 256 256 -default-frame-rate 120 -optimize

BitmapCloud 3D (require flash8.5player)

8 thoughts on “AS3 BitmapCloud 3D”

  1. it works for me. Looks great!
    I don’t have the FlexBuilder to try it myself, but I’m sure it would look good too, when the z-value would represent the color somehow.. That would split the image into “color slices”..

  2. it is strange because now any of Andre flash examples are not working me for me, I just see white background where should be flash movie. But on my site my Flash examples work in 8.5 e.g

    So I do not know what’s problem. But flash examples on this site were working for me, and were ok, but now they are not :(

    I’ve tried FireFox, IE… nothing works :(

  3. I can’t see anything on the samples now either – just a grey square. Nothing happens in Firefox 1.5 or Safari, or IE… I’ve got the latest Flash player too. :(

  4. awesome again.. this could be a very cool ad fader into another image. I am really digging the BItmap additions to 8.5

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