AS3 Explosions (BOOOOM!!!)

Lets get rowdyish with 1000 particles each explosion, a blurfilter and a new color palette. Download the sources and play with the parameters. Boooom !!!

flash8.5player required

6 thoughts on “AS3 Explosions (BOOOOM!!!)”

  1. Hi André,
    Again, I’m not able to see all of your AS3 samples in OS X Flash Player 8.5 Debug.
    This swf only show the dark blue background and when I click around I hear the explosion sound…
    Why macromedia has released the alpha player for OS X if it doesn’t work?
    Anyway I got it in win… Good work, hoping you will soon realese the sources (expecially for the 3D AS3 samples).

  2. Hi Andre,
    I have the player version 8,5,0,212 installed and Firefox 1.5.
    I can’t see you AS3 swf anymore. Maybe it’s due to a modification of the player.


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