AS3 Particles and Lines

Particles are really fun to play with. Here is another 2D example with line collisions. Click and drag to draw a line. You can also move the endpoints. Releasing an endpoint below or above the stage will remove a line. The collision detection is done by finding the intersection from the line and the moving path from each particle (672).

Particles and Lines require flash8.5player

Try your own bitmaps -default-size 256 384 -default-frame-rate 120 -optimize

4 thoughts on “AS3 Particles and Lines”

  1. Great !!!

    Could you tell us how many particles
    are on the stage ?

    Don’t you think that it wold be better to
    assign value to the var l outside second while loop
    in movePixels method ? Just to avoid checking lines array length repetitively…

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