AS3 Simple Slider Implementation

For those, who need a quick slider implementation to change some values in runtime, here is my first attempt using the new event possibilities in Actionscript3.
The package provides custom different SliderView implementations via an interface.

watch flash8.5player required | source

8 thoughts on “AS3 Simple Slider Implementation”

  1. Nun wäre es noch nett angeben zu können in welcher Qualität man das Ganze haben möchte. Float,Int ?

    Wäre ja auch zwecks Performance nicht ganz uninteressant – bei “live” – Beeinflussung. Ich hab mich ja noch nicht wie Du in AS3 rein gieren können, aber das Handling der unterschiedlichen Datentypen scheint ja doch enorme (teilweise nicht logische) Performance Unterschiede hervor zu heben.

    Grüsse aus HH

  2. Andre I know this is off topic but will you PLEASE fix your RSS feed. The link on the bottom does not currently work and we can’t aggregate your blog properly.



  3. hey, i just discovered your web and i think is very interesting… well, i didn’t know anything about flash 8 until i read you.

    i were a flash game programmer, too, and i want to know your thoughts about this flash 5 game i did 3 years ago: (click on the big letters)

  4. Hey I can’t seem to view any of your AS3 demos, here is a list errors..

    VerifyError: Error #1042: Not an ABC file. major_version=46 minor_version=14

    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable SliderApp is not defined

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