AS3 Sweet lightning particles

Over thousand particles with little scalings on the buffer bitmap can look really sweet.

I’ve coded them with 120 fps just for my entertainment, but decided after a while to store some of them. In firefox they slow down to 30fps on my computer. Make sure, you see them with the internet explorer, with provides still faster flash movies. The class is always in the same folder called
Compile them with these parameters: -default-size 256 256 -default-frame-rate 120 -optimize. Do not expect documented code. The complete movement comes from a perlinnoise, where the pixels get they vectors from.

Links removed since sources were not updated to FP9 (was 8.5)

43 thoughts on “AS3 Sweet lightning particles”

  1. Damn you, that is so good! Next you should combine this sort of thing with the new sound control too and produce an awesome ‘visualisation’ for music.

  2. P.S. you mention compiling instructions and talk as if you have made the source available but you haven’t yet, just in case it was an oversight.

  3. Hey Peter, I said that straight after my last post but it never showed up lol, guess this blog doesn’t like too many posts in a short period.

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  5. my FPS tests :
    embed in my FF = 40 FPS
    embed in my IE = 65 FPS
    in my Standalone Player = 85 FPS

    tested with 00/PerlinForce.swf
    Athlon XP3200+ 2.2GHz

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  7. Does perlin noise depend on the quality level of the player? Because you are drawing everything into one buffer like I do it all the time.

    If I put my particles in low quality I achieve another speed boost.
    (Set quality to low)

    Here another example with 1600 particles. Using a smaller size speeds up the blendMode so I used 4×4 pixels for each particle. Quality is set to low from the beginning.

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  9. This looks like great stuff Andre!

    Unfortunately, none of these examples work on OS X for some reason – has anyone else gotten them to run?

    Pretty much every AS3 example I’ve seen so far, minus the ones on your site, function fine. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

  10. Would someone mind explaining the correct/easiest way to compile and use the class files? I’m sure it is trivial, but when I try to add a Sprite to an application (mxml)I get errors. It would be great to have a complete project for reference.

  11. OK. I just realized that the class files can be compiled as ActionScript projects instead of trying to incorporate them into a Flex project. Now they work fine.

    But, if I wan’t to use them in a Flex project, what is the best way to add a Sprite to a DislpayList object?



  12. Andre, you seem to use high frame rates here, i always understood that you should try and keep these as low as possible. What have i missed?

  13. Andre, the screenshots are amazing! Too bad I can’t see it live as it doesn’t show anything in FP 8.5 for Mac OS X. The performance improvements in 8.5 are simply stunning, but I hope Macromedia still keeps Flash technology cross-platform.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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  15. come on baby,you are so strong with math and you seem to be combined with computer,is that you mind to be expressed in image,so unreal

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