Bezier clipping against all orthogonal axis

After I trying some studies with my AS1 solution I found a lot of misbehavior, while clipping. So I started to develope a completely new solution in AS2. The code provides to clip against any orthogonal axis and furthermore it’s easy to extend in 3D. The hardest issue was to solve a division by zero in a few cases. I’ve tested it for a long time and it seems to be solid for me. Anyway, if you found any bug, please leave a comment.

drag the anchors and watch the results. the bezier is clipped against the darken area.

source updated 180705

4 thoughts on “Bezier clipping against all orthogonal axis”

  1. Unfortunately I found some rare cases where the clipping fails. I have tested the single axis for a while, but not the simultaneous clipping against a rectangle (4axis).
    In some cases a bezier curve with no dimension can be returned and forces the further computation to fail.

    No time for fixing this right now, but I will. I’m also ambitious to see a possible 3D experiment.

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