Ess : Processing Sound Library

Krister Olsson from Tree-Axis has released the sound library Ess for processing.

Ess is a sound library that allows sound data to be loaded (AIFF, WAVE, AU, MP3), generated (sine, square, triangle and sawtooth waves, white and pink noise), manipulated (raw or via built-in effects), saved (AIFF, WAVE), analyzed (FFT) or simply played back. Ess is built on JavaSound and as such requires no additional plug-ins, just Java 1.3 or better.

After playing my first waveforms made with Ess I’m thinking of having this in flash. This kind of sound support would give me a new field of activity besides game development. I will definitely play with it the next time.

ess soundlibrary

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  1. Is it possible to talk beetween flash and java? I’d like to send command from flash to a java-applet on the same webpage to play a sound or a sequence of sounds. I’d like to play sounds at different pitches.

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