FDT – not just another eclipse plugin !

powerflasher has developed an eclipse plugin for actionscript the last six months and it is currently entering the beta phase. I’m working with fdt for three days now and I can say that this is a killer plugin. Never thought, that any eclipse plugin for actionscript could be that intelligent. It saves a lot of time and writes a lot of code for you automatically. Once you’ve started developing with it, you don’t want to miss it anymore ! Congrats to Nico Zimmermann from powerflasher, who is the man behind fdt.

fdt will be a commercial product, different from asdt, which is still in alpha development and incommensurable. watch the fdt demo videos

2 thoughts on “FDT – not just another eclipse plugin !”

  1. It looks very efficient. Are u able to give some more information about the price?

    Anyway I’m happy with SciTE. There is only an organzier for projects, packages, etc. missing.

  2. I think, the price is not fixed yet. In general the organisation of projects, packages aso. causes the most time I’m spending on writing. So it is definitely a nice support.

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