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As promised on the german-flashforum-tour 05 here are the source files [8MB], where I demonstrated some flash8 bitmapmanipulation and effects with. The package provides both sessions: Natural Born Filters and the Flash3d part.

Not all FLAs have commented code, so here are some instructions:
Download the ZIP and extract it to a folder. Some FLAs need the class files in the src-folder. The paths are relativ, but couldn’t be found, while exporting directly from the ZIP. I have put the gradient bitmap (green-blue) to make your own displacementMaps into the image_manipulation folder. To load a 3dmodel into the w3d example, type one of the *.ASE files with or without extension into the Textinputfield and hit Enter. The ASE Parser provides only one model each file. If you are using your own model, please make sure, that it fits between both z-planes, which can be adjusted in the first frame actionscript. Texture coordinates are also parsed, but you have to apply the texture image manually. Just play with it. I hope to make a tutorial about the displacementMap stuff after the upcoming conferences.

Thanks to all participants of the tour. It was a great time and I hope to see much of you in amsterdam as well !

More flash8 examples are located here.

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  2. Wow, cutting edge stuff, love the 3d shuttle, code looks really well organised as well, maybe you need some funding and we can get a multiplayer flash version of elite online! No one can say 3ds impossible in flash anymore.

  3. HEyo… your sessions at the fft05 have been great. Thanks again for your time ;)

    Have fun in Korea and see you in Amsterdam!

  4. Hi André!

    I relly should sleep, but I returned tonight to your Flashing and Flexing blog, and just had to run through your Flash 8 examples and play some games.

    The mere beuty of your work is addictive.
    There is beauty in design and harminic movements as well as in your coding.

    Thanks for the pleasure! I’ll try to learn as much as possible from your examples.

    Quick note: This post links to your flash8 bitmap manipulation source fl8.session.2005.zip, but it seems to have vanished into thin air.

    Keep up the good work!

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