Frozen Bubble : classic flashgame

I have chart this already in my links, but this worth to be blogged again with a screenshot, while some very nice flashgames came up these days. Another classic arcadegame remake.

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  1. ;)
    Glad to be there once again, in Andre’s home… For info Luis, it runs on a 333mhz cpu full speed :D (had to, otherwise gf was not happy)..

    Cheers, hot summer around here !
    Hey Tom :)

  2. NILS, please make Frozen Bubble available 4 off-line playing…
    I have even tryed to crack it and make it work off-line, but no result. I’ve stopped into gip.php (somehow you manage to return a zero content-length from that php), not to mention the obfuscated swf code.
    Please, once again, I am asking you to make this game available off-line (eventualy for pocket pc).
    You cand see how DESPERATE I am.
    Please… :(

  3. there will be a new version of puzzle bobble soon on which Nils and us are working together, we´ll post news on that when its ready, but seriously mate,you won´t make yourself friends by stating you´re trying to crack their things.

  4. Helo – helo,

    Well, I am sory that I like that game so much I want to play it day and night. As tomsamson said “you won´t make yourself friends by stating you´re trying to crack their things”, I am not stating it anymore, but I am so close to release a patch 4 the Frozen bubble game, that gives you acces to go to any level you want, infinite lives, time freezing for the compressor and even the colour of the next bubble to shoot.

    I am sory boys, but I like your game so much that I had 2 crack it in order to finish it and to stop playing it so much.

    Best regards,
    Addicted FB Player.

  5. Hi NiLS,

    There are two ways a good programmer uses his knowledge: a) as a creator/programmer, and b) as a cracker/hacker. I will not try to present the theory here, but as everyone knows, we all are a bit of both. As a programmer I have full respect of your (and your team) work. The patch I’ve created it is for me and for me alone, and I will not release it to public as I said b4. What I am trying to demonstrate is that your game is not as cracker-proof as you may think, so if you are interested in how I did it (so you can make it even harder 2 be cracked), please let me know.

    Best regards,
    Addicted FB Player.

  6. hey there addicted,
    no one stated this is a cracker-proof game,nothing is absolutely cracker-proof. Also nobody “made up a challenge” for you and stated this would be the uber-cracker-proof game and one should try to proof otherwise. (There are some legal contests regurlarly where the aim is to crack something, better look for those,you could actually win something there ;) )
    Puzzle Bobble is a game and even more important,a browser based flash game, so noone needs a proof from you that it can be cracked.
    It´s nice that you like the game that much,but the normal way of asking for features is contacting the author and not cracking the content to modify it yourself.
    imagine i visit you,tell you how much i like your house and then start painting it,changing the architecture and all and then tell you: “come on,don´t be mad,i liked it so much and i´m just modifying it for myself,not for anyone else”..quite awkward,don´t you think?

  7. What you said couldn’t be truer, Tomsamson.

    This brings us to the beginning of the story: “please make this game available off-line (eventually for pocket pc)” – that’s what I’ve asked (“the normal way of asking for features”). So, WILL you do that?
    Now, the other issue: Why obfuscate the SWF code if this is only “a browser based flash game”? Answer? You need to protect your work – this is understandable. Why not a better protection then?

    Auf wiedersehen,
    Addicted Frozen Bubble player.

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