Heli Attack : well done flashgame

I came across this blog where some great game developers share their thoughts. Some of them have released heli attack, a really nice tilemap based shooting game with a lot of player movements and lovely graphics. You learn all the controls and movements while playing the first level. Cool idea and completly good work !

heli attack on miniclip.com

10 thoughts on “Heli Attack : well done flashgame”

  1. hey there André,big thanks for your kind words on our site,blog and heli =)
    i´m very proud on our boys releasing heli,it was such an amount of work,its unreal ;)

  2. Thats cute. When you have the Half-Life 2 Steam-Account you can download a similar game (probably the same gamemakers).

  3. Codename Gordon isnt made by the same ppl its made by nuclearvision, heli attack is by 2 guys “iopred” and “daydream”

  4. erm,nay,the engine doesn´t work similar really. ok,both are 2d jump´n´shoots but technically they are extremelly different.
    just as example heli uses a tilebased engine whereas hl2d is artbased.
    who came first is hard to say as hl2d was released before heli3,then again there were several editions of heli before hl2d was done.

  5. Anyway ! The heli series plays much better than Codename gordon… and even in flash !
    So big thumbs up to the makers of heli !!

  6. u know wat id like to see? codename gordon in the heli attack 3 engine, or maybe vice versa. even better would be “Heli Attack: Source”

  7. All I know is now I’m addicted to Heli Attack 2 and 3 and I will keep trying to beat world 4-3 until my fingers are worn down to bloody stubs. Predator mode in Heli Attack 2 is awesome also.

  8. I’ve only played the first and second games, but they never get boring, the first one is great for tounaments and to just show off, and the second is pretty easy until you die, and your stripped down to your main weapons which really sucks, but overall, this game kicks

  9. this is one of the best games i ever played….but i only play at school and they blocked it already…dam school…..but its a awsome game to play

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