6 thoughts on “Impressive 3d isoengine”

  1. Hey Andre.

    I know what you mean about z-sorting. I made my own iso engine and I still don’t have it nailed down correctly. I needed multiple MovieClips moving up and down an isometric grid.. each of which needs to be on top of the ground, but underneath any objects, and also doesn’t clash depths with any of the other MovieClips.. nightmare.

  2. thanks for the nice words André =)
    hey Zeh,i like your demo,too =) i see you´re using that “slice-mcs making up a semi 3d object” technique for some objects,works well =) how are the tiles done? is it drawing api driven or are they skewed mcs?
    and yeah,you should finish it =)
    for what do you actually want to use it? any concrete plans?

  3. tomsanson: yes, they’re simply skewed mcs, no drawing API. Pretty standard stuff, really; btw, I think Klas Kroon was the first to propose something like that, I got the idea stuck on my mind after I saw an example on his site. In my case, it’s AS2-based and it has some crazy zsorting for all kinds of pseudo-3d and rotating stuff, but the concept is the same.

    Regarding plans, well, it’s a kind of an engine for a game that I have in the works, it’s actually called “football tactics”. It’s a mix between final fantasy tactics and turn-based football games, like captain tsubasa. The graphics engine is kind of ready, but the game AI and turn control is not, so the game doesn’t exist. It’s something I’m doing on my spare time, so it’ll still take time to turn into something more concrete. I think I’ll wait for Flash 8 too so I can take advantage of the additional speed.

  4. yeah,i´ve seen the demo by Klas ages ago,too,also worked on a similar thingy then for a while =)
    doing it in As2 was a goood thought and yeah,the z-sorting seems to work very well =)
    that football tactics sounds ölike a fresh idea,liking it =) (and yeah,it could be ideal for doing in f8 :) )
    in case you´re up for a coop,let me know,i´ve thought about doing another game with a similar engine =)

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