Off to Korea – Amsterdam

I’m packing my bag, hopefully not to forget anything I need the next days. Tomorrow at 13:10 I will arrive in Amsterdam and have a stay for 4 hours, before leaving to korea. If you are bored and domiciled near the airport, just stay with me for a beer :)
I don’t know who is in korea on saturday allready and I don’t know if my mobile will operate there. If so, just give me a call: +49(0)xxx xxx 6537
If not, I will rent a mobile for the time. Leave a blog comment with your cell number or write an email: andre.michelle[at] I hope that I will be able to get my emails in my hotel. I’m really exciting about my journey to korea and the upcoming conferences. Yeah yeah yeah !

2 thoughts on “Off to Korea – Amsterdam”

  1. I can not be there, but I just want to say have fun :) I think people there are very cool, and the country is beautiful. Have fun and bring back some pictures :)

  2. my name is kyong sub, Noh
    I visited 1 day of MAX 2005 KOREA…
    Thank you for your explanation and be impressed.
    Please visit my website, but don’t expectation
    ^^ Thank you very much…

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