Post your links

Can you satisfy my appetite of links to really nice made flash playgrounds and games ?
My personal feeling is that there are no new sites released the last time (years?) besides the long-established ones. On the other hand my list of blogs increases every day. Possible that the (frontend-) features of Flash7(-) do not entertain anymore. Surely eightball will reactivate our spirit of research. If you have links to mention in the sidebar link groups, do not hesitate to comment this post. Processing, Java, Shockwave files are also welcome.

7 thoughts on “Post your links”

  1. Yeah I’m with you too – Flash 7 hasn’t really inspired a whole lotta amazingly Flash-innovative creative sites of the ilk Flash 6 did upon its release. No doubt Maelstrom (Flash 8) will see a much needed resurgence.

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