rebuilding my flashexperiments

I redesigned my studies and move them to
I was tired of making screenshots and writing all the html for, so there is a light php/js enviroment to manage them in a faster way. Since my monitor turns all colors to red, I decided to make all designs in gray. I like it anyway. Most studies are very old, but I hope to add some new shortly.

Thanks to elias for php support.

There are slight problems on MACs. Safari browsers dublicates the swfs and IE(MAC) dies onClick. Well….well.

9 thoughts on “rebuilding my flashexperiments”

  1. Hey André, I noticed on there’s a big white gap at the top of each experiment at the moment.. like it’s trying to load the SWF twice or something but the first one fails. I’m on Windows IE6 if that helps.

    Superb experimenting nonetheless… keep it going!

  2. ^^ Hey Neave, chenge your browser ;) It works fine for me with IE6

    André; fantastic as ever, really like the changes you’ve made

  3. just to say i love your work, and that’s motive me to continue in design and in actionscripting, thanks to show us what’s possible to do ;)

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