rerere – design – build – fract

I switched to wordpress 1.5 and I’m changing everything from my site step my step from now on. I’m not a designer, so it take hours of testing untill I’m satisfied with my designwork. In blogs case I will leave it by default as long as I will grap an evening to try some new layouts. If you think, there are important links missing on the right panel, just leave me a note.

4 thoughts on “rerere – design – build – fract”

  1. Yeah, I’m experiencing the same annoyances. Well, maybe not the same, but annoyances nonetheless. I’d heavily customized most of the files, and now I have no idea where to go to “recustomize” the new ones. Arrggh! Hang in there, though, and best wishes!!!

    One more time — for posterity: Arrggh!

  2. I like the new design! I’m actually preparing to update my ancient site. Will have to look into WordPress after your recommendation.

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