Sourcecode flashconference stuttgart 05

For everyone who joined the flashconference, especially the rigibody session by mario and me, I’ve uploaded the source code right now. As we said, there is much to do, but its like a short briefing, how rigid body can be simulated for starters. The source code isn’t optimized, so you can follow the instructions much better since we are using a vector class.

It was a very nice session and I hope we can repeat this. thanks to sabine, tibor, david, max and elias to come along with me on this conference. We had a great time ! Greetings to patrick thiel and holger eggert, not to forget frank baumgartner, who was accidentally in stuttgart the same time and joined for some beer in the evening (hehe).

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2 thoughts on “Sourcecode flashconference stuttgart 05”

  1. Andre

    Could you please explain how the “plugs” are constructed in your source code. If I defined shipA as a box, how would I construct the plug for it?

    Thank you

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