SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2

Bjoern Acker asked me to publish this anouncement. I havn’t tested the product, so get an eye on this for yourself.

Rawfish Software has just released the SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2, a comprehensive framework for creating and running crossplatform multiuser applications. The SUSHI Multiuser Server provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution to create and run most diverse multiuser projects, like e.g. chats, games or collaboration tools using Flash MX AS1.0 & AS2.0, FlashLite and Java (J2SE/J2ME). SUSHI ships with a free 30 user license to get you started immediately. The new 2.2 release comes with the following new features:

  • New APIs for Macromedia FlashLite and Macromedia Flash MX Actionscript 2.0
  • The possibility to extend the server’s functionality with Actionscript or Java
  • New Tutorials, providing a complete overview in how to develop SUSHI multiuser content with FlashLite, Flash MX AS2.0 and J2SE. * Improved Flash MX APIs with e.g. advanced object serialization and sending Actionscript objects methods