Thanks Korea !

I’ve just arrived at my hotel and will start the next part of my journey tomorrow to amsterdam speaking at spark europe. I really had a great time in korea and I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to all koreans and all other participants and speakers for joining MAX Korea 2005 especially my session. I would love to come back anytime in future. Not to forget: the sources will be posted in a few days right here, when I’m back to germany.

Hope to see you at the spark conference.

10 thoughts on “Thanks Korea !”

  1. Hey Andre!
    Nice session! Especially giving us peeks at your most recent 3d engine.
    It was great to see you at the conference and finally meet offline. Hope to keep in touch in the future.
    Good luck at Spark!

  2. ^-^ Thank you very much!
    (who am I? I took a picture with you after your presentation and you told me your blog.)
    I’m really happy to see you.
    wonderful fire..water.I wish I see you someday.
    Take care of yourself.

  3. Hey Andre, I just got back from Spark. I really enjoyed your presentation. It was great! You said you were a little bit nervous because it would be your first time speaking in English. I think you did great! But I am not a native English speaker. Very interesting presentation! I hope to hear you speak again! Thanks for all the info :).

  4. Hey Andre, I had to miss your presentation, I watched your session on though. Great!! Unfortunately you can’t read the slides due to the compression and the size of the videostream. Maybe you can put them up on your blog. thnx

  5. Great presentation!
    Thumbs up for the tip of so i got to see your presentation.

    Your a masterFlashmagican! This was truly fresh and inspiring.

  6. André,

    Impressive show at SPARK.
    Really hope you put some things, you showed us, online. An hour is too short; just enough time to show us a glimpse.
    Maybe you’ll find time to put some details online.



  7. hi. dear andre.
    at first,thanks to presentation in korea.
    i respect you.i love your work.
    so, i often check your blog.
    second.i want to ask you many thing.
    but, i am not good ENGLISH.
    nowadays,i am studying about 3d in flash.

    i didn’t study , 3d in flash is difficult to me.
    though,i study hard.:D
    return to the subject,i want to know theory or function in flash of texture mapping.
    // texture mapping means texture_mapping.swf file in your open source
    // polygon textureprojection , texture UV mapping coordinates

    i searched about it.however i couln’t.
    finally, i ask you about that.
    plz, help me.;D
    if you can, can i receive your advice or source.
    have a good days.

    – your fan. hong –

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