Trust eclipse ?

After 3 hours of recovering and decompiling, I’m up to the state, which I left before I switched to eclipse. What was happend ? I don’t know exactly. I have coded my current project (after all 6 days of work) in scite and decided to work in eclipse, where I created a new actionscript project with asdt. I got an error message and after restarting eclipse, all my files are deleted, even the backups. I scanned my computer for any file and found nothing. Kind of heart attack. I could recover 100% of the FLAs, but only one actionscript class. The rest comes back by using a decompiler. Never thought, that I will love this tool.

I cannot say, that this could be happend to any users, but I won’t play with eclipse any longer. Time to make serious thoughts about a CVS and better backup systems. Well, 2 days left for the presentation. Back to work.

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  1. Hi André,
    this is really bad news. The same happened for me with an old version of ASDT, but the new version works fine. I luckily had a copy of almost all as-files in the CVS.
    I suggest you to use SVN instead of CVS. SVN offers support for a few tasks like, renaming, moving etc. which is missing in CVS.
    I am kind of an Eclipse enthusiast so I hope you will give it a try again some day.


  2. This is not a problem with Eclipse, but with the plugin ASDT. Don’t give up on Eclipse for that reason.

  3. what about using a tool like tuneup undelete or easy recovery pro? i found files on my pc for example that were about a year old. maybe youre lucky and get your files back this way.

  4. I installed eclipse and after 15mins i couldn’t figure out what was up and what was down.. so i switched back to SciTe…

    posted link to a new version with MTASC integration :)

    although i had to spend about 20mins setting up the fonts, colors and keyword hints to work like the macromedia’s IDE. well worth it though… they’ve even started to add a javadoc like document generation tool right into the editor.. too bad it doesnt yet support any tags… maybe next version :)

    oh.. sorry about your files… yesterday, we used swf decompiler to recover a file too.. that software is amazingly powerful… classes and all.

  5. Please keep in mind that Eclipse 3.1 is a release candidate and not final. ASDT is even considered alpha, as far as I remember.
    I can recommend using Virtual PC for non-final software. This is the problem with systems like FAME – it comes with no quality control or warranty.


  6. It is not an eclpise bug – it is ASDT’s. Do not use !!!pre-alpha products without external or manual backups. Eclipse platform without plugins can’t do anything good or bad by definition.

  7. Yep. I count myself as the next victim to fall foul of this. I had to rebuild my machine. I moved the project to a temp space and then set up a new project once I was once again setup. Lost everything and guess what, even though I usually have multiple copies back-ups of projects. belt and braces etc. For this one I didn’t.

    It seems that ASDT has a big clearout of the folder when setting up the project. I would recommend setting up the project then importing the files in. Or, better still set-up subversion which is the way I am now going to do things.

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