11 thoughts on “AS3 Sound Radar”

  1. Stunning work Andre! Thanks for introducing me to treplec too ;-) I have a pretty basic question. How do you compile your script into a viewable swf? I am new to Flex and when I compile my application in FB2 I can get my own audio file to play, but I can’t see the radar.


  2. Spectecular Andre! How do u give your work a view? Like Stephen i m not familiar with Flex. Some queries! Help? Want to see the radar in my work.

  3. A little more digging I discovered you can make AS only projects in FB2. This is different than previous versions and changes everything. The fact that we can make code based only applications is amazing.

  4. Its hard to understand Flex.When i used AS in FB2 projects, i cant see the radar. Why did it happened and what can i do to give it a view? Help
    Your work is fab Andre!

  5. It never happens with me. I can’t see the radar when i use AS in FB2 projects. Want to create some spetecular work like yours in my work also.Nice work!

  6. It would be fab if we got to see radar in our FB2 projects. It would look at stunning as it is appearing in your work. Outstanding is the word for it!

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