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  1. Saw this thing before. Honestly not my cup of tea. I doubt User Interfaces will ever make it seriously to 3D, at least not in the next era. It looks like just because 3D is hip, let’s use while 2D interfaces are pretty much do the same thing, just easier and faster. … just my two cents of course!
    (A user interface like in “Avalon” would be cool though ;) )

  2. Yes, there are a lot of new ideas for desktop implementation, mostly in 3D, but I see it as a development over time. It’s clear that desktops will look different in a few years than now.

    BUT: I would like to work with such a sophisticated desktop above rather than the current ugly present 2D OS-desktops. I don’t think its too hard to work with. Far from it!

  3. Is the ‘Desktop’ metaphor still relevant in a digital world where games, video, music and networking are as important as spreadsheets and desktop publishing!?

    Maybe we will move on someday…

  4. The concept of a desktop on the computer seems very old I have to agree on that.

    I like to store short notes on the desktop. But the “dashboard” is more comfortable to me. Too bad that Konfabulator is no substitute on Windows.

  5. Convinced, thats true also. Desktops are very antiquated. I would like to code my ‘desktop’ application on my own. I never use the ‘START’ button or even the workspace-, network- and so on icons. I like to leave some textfiles for collecting telephone numbers, ideas and code snippets. A simple calender for dates and a dashboard with some rough graphic tools as flash have would be nice.

    The longer I think about, the more I doubt the necessity of a 3D desktop on a 2D screen.

    May Apollo can bring some of this possibilities to us developer.

  6. Along with Lumalive, I think this is the coolest thing ive seen in a long time. Its a different way of thinking about how we organize out information, and seems as intimidating as a simple mouse probably did way back when. I think kids and the openminded will be able to grasp and use these interfaces or others that come from it with a bit of practice – it also comes with a lot of pratical usability and just plain cool ideas that we can use in our own flash and inteface projects. Thanks for posting it:)

  7. yeah, saw that before, too. and i think even if it looks not that practicable to me, it is very inspiering for thinking about alternative metaphors to the old fashioned desktop-concept.

    But, in my opinion, the invention of alternative input-devices will have much more impact on how we will work with our computers in the future than the metaphor we use to organise the information on our hard drives.
    i don’t know if you already know this (watch the quicktime movie)?
    for me, this looks very promissing!

    ahoi, paul

  8. I actually barely ever use the desktop anyway. I’m using a File Manager called Total Commander for pretty much every file organization task. Being that old Amiga user I grew up with Directory Opus and this got stuck in my behavior. This might be not the right thing for technically challenged people but it beats Windows Explorer a 1000 times. I do like the desktop metaphor though, I don’t know why.

  9. pretty impressive, but too many options, too many gadgets: on my desktop i’d like to see only one way to put things toghether and browse ’em, kinda like, lets bring things back to a more straight forward interface, simple and effective (the only 4 applications everybody uses are something else). i also use txt and easy stuff (no start, no network, no bu****it), and i keep the desktop as a working/tmp ambient. on a side note, back in 95 in austria i worked at ibm for viavoice/voicetype. it didnt’ work for english and french because of pronounciation, but it was almost perfect for italian and german. i wonder what happened now.

  10. yes its very fresh. but i doubt the readability of the file itself. i mess my dekstop so that i can read what files they are quickly.

    with the new technology shown here, how can i know which pdf file i want to open?

  11. Robert Kabwe, you just sent a thrill of nostalgia up my back as I remember that one day, long ago, I didn’t have a mouse, but you bring up an interesting point.

    Back in the day you would never have thought you’de need a new interface device for the pc, what you had worked, it did its job, and relatively well(depending on your OS of course)
    but then the mouse came along and revolutionized the way we interacted with our computers, and almost no one would ever turn back (except for those few hardcore terminal linux/unix users :)
    While I do think that our interface for the PC needs to be updated, I don’t think doing it on a purely software level would be sufficient for actually improving our ability to use our computers.

    in a 3d enviroment its necessary to have a 3d interface tool.
    This enviroment display, while cool, would arise a lot of problems, especially for people who have trouble relating a 2d interface device (such as a mouse) to a 3d enviroment.

    For example, if you’ve ever played a game called Black and White, you’ll note that the interface is very similar to the way this desktop works. you have your cursor, which is a hand, and that hand interacts with objects on a surface.
    Sometimes in this game you’ll notice its hard to grasp certain things because of positioning, visual angle, or close proximity to other objects, regardless of the highlighting features, it can become extraordinarly difficult to grab the actually item you want.
    Although these problems are apparent, and possible in this new desktop enviroment, they may not be as pronounced, since you’ll have a less abstract concept of where the “tip” of your cursor is. so we will see how these things develope in the futre.

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