flashfisix released

ozmic66 (flashkit username) releases the long expected physics engine Fisix.

The Fisix Engine is a 2D verlet physics engine for Flash. It is written completely in AS3 in order to make use of flash player 9’s improved cpu capabilities. Although Flash is still slower than platforms such as c/c++, or java, which means that you most likely won’t be able to make the next Half-Life in flash, it doesn’t mean you can’t do really cool stuff with 2D particles, constraints, rigid bodies, etc. and make great looking games and simulations.

Also open source but undocumented: {popshapes} & {revive} on my lab.

4 thoughts on “flashfisix released”

  1. hello, i am a chinese flasher,[www.mykaka.cn/cgs/flashpainter.swf] it’s my toy now,wish you like it :)
    see the demo:[www.mykaka.cn/cgs/flashpainter_record.swf]
    more source or swf: [http://space.flash8.net/space/?14107],it my blog. haha…

  2. You are a brilliant man Andre. I love seeing the things that you’ve released and I’m so excited to play with this engine. Couple of early notes you may/may not be aware of: Once in the API Reference, all of the links are dead. The HTML title on all of the demos is “driver3”. I’ll let you know more as I continue to play. Very cool.

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