How cool is Audioprogramming ?

I’am a sound junkey. I can listen to a short sequence for hours, if there are slight modification over time. If you know Phuture “Acid Trax”, than you know, what I am talking about. Now I have my own little toy. My first synthesizer with a random pattern creator and enough knobs to play a long time.

Yes! …drums would be cool… effects and all that stuff… but for me, its complete… just engage in simple waveforms :)

Synthesizer (F9Player and fast computer are required)

I noticed, that this posting has a lot of hits, so why not mentioning, that there are some new toys to play with?

live@popforge | lab audio category | preview of my synthesized 303 (mp3)

update2: audio sources are now open source

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  1. please add step sequencer and “gimmic” posed in tb303 schematic. consists of short ENV using flipflop and a cap for cheap env..then add dc voltage to square and saw and make the pot for cutoff tied to env..and of course accent!

    your opinion! Flex for game dev or wait for f9?

  2. So funny to play with that I can’t stop, good work. Please add sequencer and TB-909 with some filters, thanks :)

  3. Hey Andre.

    You should provide a direct link, and digg this :)
    Awesome work.

    I’m sure a sequencer is on the horizon :D

  4. Ah, I knew someone would figure it out. :-)

    Just loadBytes a FP7-ish SWF with a DefineSound. Whee!

    The only question is whether you’re byte-editing a preexisting embedded or loaded audio SWF to have your own samples, or are creating the tags directly. I used the former approach, because I was lazy, but now I want to move to the latter.

  5. (BTW, this was my secret motivation for creating the ability to embed application/octet-stream in Flex, so that I could embed my little uncompressed template SWF for easy access and could prove to Tinic that it was possible to play a WAV file in the player!)

  6. just a note:

    I’m currently trying to get a designer for some GUI. The engine provides now quite all you can think of. I’ve implement a polyphon, pitchable sampler, a stereo mixer with filters for each channel and some filters (lowpass, stereo delay). The API provides the same way as with BitmapFilters (channel.filters=[new Delay(), new Lowpass()]). You can even create instruments, effects in runtime.

    The performance still rocks, since you can adjust the latency and the renderprocess is distributed over frames. It doesn’t sound like flash anymore.

    Stay tuned !

  7. “Is it possible to add runtime effects on streamed mp3 file trought your API ?”

    If we have a class Mp3Format, which provides streaming and runtime-encoding it were possible.

  8. total fett! *dreh,schraub,squeeeeeeze* *gg*

    beim ausprobieren der anderen lab-schmankerl ist mir aufgefallen, dass die revive-demo in meinem explorer festfriert. es werden zwar 50 frames angezeigt, aber ich kann die kugeln nicht bewegen und nach einiger zeit schmiert der komplette explorer ab. die maschine hier hat 3,2ghz und 1mb ram.


  9. Excellent and Excellent and Excellent !
    Can we download your source code ?

  10. Very nice…

    i’ve been fiddling with the code over at flashcodersbrighton and have optimised the core a bit, but the performance is still pretty shaky..(i posted a comment with a patch to the blog but its not showed up yet)

    basically i made it so that you re-use one byteArray for the audio buffer rather than creating a whole new swf each tick.

    then I reset the byte array position to the start of the audio data block, fill it up and get the loader to load it again..but im still not satisfied with the performance.

    once i add an oscillator and a filter i get occasionaly drop-outs..i havent even started with envelopes yet.. :) any good optimisation tips..?

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