Invited to flashfestival paris 2006

I’ve been invited to the flashfestival 2006 in paris – france, starting on mai, 27th. I will hold a session with Thibault Imbert about the new possebilities in Actionscript 3. I’m looking forward to see some of you french people there. I always had a lot of referres to my website from french sites, but I didn’t understand a word.

Je vais maintenant faire un gâteau.

9 thoughts on “Invited to flashfestival paris 2006”

  1. Hi, I have a question before the flashfestval, you can speak in french, or you know just speak in german, english, and actionscript ?

  2. Maybe I’m lucky and I’ll be in Paris around that time too, we can have beer together there and continue our recent party ;)

  3. I’ll try to be there too!
    Last year it was very interessting, but this time with you guy its going to be amazing:)
    Just an idea, why don’t you bring some good german beers to exhange with good french wines. I can be interessted ;)

  4. Hallo Andre!

    Gute Idee von Kiroukou ! Wenn du danach Zeit hast, denn werden wir alle da sein!
    Habe zu spät gelernt, dass du in Berlin bist, so habe dich dort nie getroffen… Hoffe ich denn, dass das in FF möglich wird


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