I’m currently upgrading my laboratory. You are welcome to comment my experiments and even help me to get the rss feed to work. At the moment it only returns a correct header without any postings. Any wordpress specialist out there ?

The right RSS-URL is rss feed

PS: I’m still ill, but it’s good to have a simple task to follow some hours a day. More soon.

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  1. Ah. Nevermind the note I left for 8bitboy about that then.
    Thanks for all the great experiments!
    Btw, your anti-spam questions are too hard. =D

  2. Amazing experiments as always André! Just one suggestion, though. Could you add a bit of text to the header of each experiment that says “view” or similar as it’s not that obvious that you have to click on it to see the experiment, whereas the link for ‘comments’ is very clear.

    Get well soon!

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