6 thoughts on “Lasse Gjertsen”

  1. That is some amaaaaaaaazing editing!
    And the hyperactive vids… My god… I wonder if I could make something like that with FLV’s in an online app… I bet it would be possible… Was that what you were thinking as well?

  2. Yes, he does have a website, it was a myspace one tho. The stuff on there wasn’t good as his main videos tho, I have the bookmark on my other computer, I tried to search a bit on google but didn’t find it. Maybe whenever I switch it on later :]

    Btw, I’ve found a very cool text he wrote in his youtube profile:

    Before contacting me about using my work in advertisement, or wanting me to work for you please read this first:

    A long time ago I promised myself never to do commercials. That’s because I don’t think it’s right to push (usually unneccesary) products on human beings, and I don’t really like advertisement because it’s annoying and nothing more than annoying. I also consider myself a true artist with a conscience and a soul, and I would not feel very good if used my (so called) talents to promote a commercial product. I know I might get a lot of money from it, but I won’t accept that kind of dishonest money. In fact, I see no difference in doing a commercial than sucking an old, fat, rich white guy’s sloppy dick and getting paid for it. I will much rather starve to death instead of being a part of your evil marketing empire, looking for anything to put a price tag on, lowering the quality of entertainment and life in general, and destroying everything good in the world. But hey, don’t worry. You don’t have to look long to find a person willing to sell his or her soul for money.”

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