Leaving the projects world

After my current project, I going to spend more time with my cute little daughter Laila Mia. I won’t accept any further jobs. My girlfriend is going to carry on the business part in our familiy. I will keep the house and I may take some sparse time to research some AS3 stuff, where I cannot keep my hands off. After 7 years of programming, I’m really glad about this decision, even cause it is the next big cut in my life.

Thank you all visiting my blog and giving me feedback about my work.

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  1. Hey, That sounds great! If you can afford it – it’s such a great thing! I’d love to do something like that myself, but need the money at the moment. Now would have been a great time though since my kids are 4 and 1,5 yrs. Hope you enjoy it and if you find time to research a bit on AS3, you know we’d all love that ;)


  2. That’s a good decision. People are always better than any computer could be.

    Have fun and good luck !


  3. Hi Andre,

    there are so many things in the world which are clearly more important than Flash (or something like that) and one of these things is your daughter!

    Hope to see you on Holgers birthday party…

  4. Hey! Andre! what a great decision! Really its sounding great. Hope I could take this decision. I miss my kids. Even I want to spend time with them. They miss me too. Your daughter is lucky as she has got a father like you. I know it was not easy for you to go for it. But work is not everything in life. Your family plays an important role too. Bravo!

    Hope you would spend some quality time with your family.


    Take care

  5. Hallo Andre,

    das ist echt eine weise Entscheidung. Deine Tochter ist nur einmal Jung und für Sie da zu sein ist sicherlich viel besser als sich dauernt total für fremde Leute zu verausgaben. Ich lasse es in der letzten Zeit ja auch ruhig angehen und Reise gern.

    Lg M.

  6. congrats André,wish you all the best with your decission,great choice imho =)
    My dad´s been working all the time while i was small,although that paid our living i´d have liked it to see him more while i was 5-18 ;)
    (thinking about it maybe staying alone half day for ages made me become a game nerd and then a game developer ;) )
    I´m glad you and your girlfirend can afford to go that way,the first years in the life of your daughter with you are worth more than any money =)

  7. Wooohooo… that is a step I never would have expected. Do we have to miss you at Flashforum aswell in the future?

    A great and courageous step though. Wish you all the best. And I hope your former job will be a hobby in the future ;)


  8. super entscheidung. meine tochter ist jetzt schon fast drei und ich fand es immer wichtig, dass ich mir mit der mutter die erziehungszeiten gleichberechtigt aufgeteilt habe.

  9. I’m envious, Andre! Enjoy yourself and don’t stay too far away from Flash. We still need good beta testers too! :)


    Mike Downey | Flash Product Manager

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