12 thoughts on “Multi-Touch Interaction Research”

  1. Its kind of old (saw this some months ago), but i totally agree. I always thought how i would implement multiple input devices. This one only contains a straight x/y array but it would be a little more advance if you could take just as many input devices as expected. I don’t think current operating systems think about this option properly …

  2. Oh my… If it’s really true ;) it’s really amazing!
    Interacting with objects like in the demo opens new perspectives. I wonder if something similar could be done with a mouse…

  3. Hey, i am building one right now… its a pain in the ass, but it gets better… check the process in my blog: http://www.sport4minus.de/blog

    i am using vvvv for blob detection and to send out the coordinates of the touch points via osc… can flash handle osc?


  4. hey jens, looks cool. when will it be ready for use? :)
    i dont know exactly what osc is but i would like to test it with flash.


  5. i hope that everything is fixed in a month or so…

    OSC means Open Sound Control, which is a sleek protocol intended to be the better MIDI. it sends simple messages over the fast UDP protocol. it is well suited for transmitting short packets like “xPos, yPos, ID” ;-)

  6. ok, osc sounds as a useful thing. right now i dont know whether it is supported. but jens keep me updated. i am “mega”-interesseted in your multitouch panel :)

    good luck

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