8 thoughts on “New Audio Experiments added to laboratory”

  1. yeah its completely different your mp3 sounds like a tone or a signal in flash it sounds like an analogue synth with noise maxed out

  2. Great work! Works fine, but during modulation I hear some little crunches. MacBook Pro OS X.

    Greetings and a happy new year! ( Gruß von Berlin nach Barcelona! )

  3. Nice!

    At our Technical University we are working on an educational cd-rom explaining sound techniques (wave forms, sound synthesizeing,…) for students age 16-18. These cd-roms are non-commercial, educational cd’s. It would be nice if we could incorporate some of your apps to explain these things to the students. We were thinking about “playing with pulse harmonics”, “TB303”, “TR909”, Reverb and Kalimba delay. We don’t really need the source code, the swf is just fine (we can incorporate it in the cd-rom). Hope to hearing from you soon…

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