Recycle my source codes

I’m just trying to collect all sources spreaded over my website.
Includes the perspective texture mapping and a lot of other as3 stuff.

8 thoughts on “Recycle my source codes”

  1. You da man Andre!

    anyways, I tried to make a donation (because you more than deserve it) – but I can’t read german. It’s there an english form and I assume paypal accepts credit cards for transactions right? (i dont have a paypal account either)

  2. Cool. BTW, it does take CCs for people without paypal, but i fogot that I do have a paypal account… so i just did it through that :)

  3. I didnt know it took so long for a paypal transfer to go through.

    Apr. 13, 2006
    09:35:34 PDT
    Uncleared (Expected Clearing Date: Apr. 18, 2006)

    oh well, a little love is on its way :)

  4. Hello
    Did you known how to add swf file make in AS3 to swf file make in AS2 ?? Sory about my english :-)

  5. Recycling your source codes spreaded over the website including texture mapping and a lot of AS3 stuff. R u going to make it in AS2?

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