Short note (apology to paris)

I miss the flashconference in paris, cause I contract early this week an ugly otitis. I’m still lying in bed and I could imagine, this will continue for some more days. I’m sorry for all the people, who liked to watch my session. This is an exception – I hate to miss such dates.
Thanks for Thibault, who has presented my current AS3 projects, without having anything more than a zip-file. I packed, uploaded the folder and send him a link…and…I lulled back to sleep. So he didn’t know any hints or code location, where to change scenes and properties. But I hope you got the idea.

next time. promised.

sources and demoes will be delivered soon.

7 thoughts on “Short note (apology to paris)”

  1. We came from Belgium to see you, what a disapointment when they announced you wouldn’t be there. Of course your health is more important, so get well, we cross fingers for better luck next time ;))

  2. Hey Andre,

    I was sorry to hear you weren’t going to be able to make it. I was looking forwards to seeing you again. I hope you get better soon!


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