Splicemusic is a flash sequencer application, which gives you the full power of a free music community, where all sounds and loops are shared. It’s a great idea for making open music and I am sure with AS3 there is much more space to boost the music quality with some new sound manipulation and synthesis. Can I say more ? Just wait some days :)

5 thoughts on “Splicemusic”

  1. Wow…andre’s AS3 sound experience + a site like this = could be very awesome indeed. Instead of simply uploading loops of music…imagine creating the loops themselves as well. And better syncing as well hopefully. (when I play on splicemusic, many songs have a small gap inbetween every two measures or so).

  2. Hi everybody,
    i’m working in something similiar as SpliceMusic, but in a low level. So i’m asking myself how it is possible to resample a sound in AS3? As i’ve seen they do it in Splice so it shouldn’t be impossible. Could anyone help me please in resampling or changing the sound pitch/velocity ?

    thanks in advance

  3. My question is, how are they mixing the song into a single track for users to download? Any body have any ideas? I’ve looked into a few things like php, java but nothing really pops out…

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