Stable FPS Test

I tried one more time to get a stable frameRate in browser enviroment and an old workaround works fine for me now (flash9player tested).

//-- pseudo code
lastExitFrameMillis: int

function init(): void
	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();
	frameRate = 200;

function onEnterFrameLoop( event: Event ): void
	// execute code
	// [...]

	while( getTimer() - lastExitFrameMillis < 20 ){};

	lastExitFrameMillis = getTimer();

My results:
IE6.0 = 49 FPS
FireFox = 47 FPS

Please test with your system and post you results

27 thoughts on “Stable FPS Test”

  1. FireFox = 49 (max and most often, although it did dip in places very briefly)

    If it makes a difference my set up is a 1.3ghz pentium 4 from the old days.

  2. I’d be interested to know what affect putting a looping sound on the root timeline would have on this (if any!)

  3. @ash: I tried this a long time before (flash6) and the playback was very chunky when the movies sucks some performance from the processor. I cannot believe, that this will be better now. try out !

  4. IE 6= 47-48
    FF 44-48

    Frame rate depends on intensivity of number of user interactions with balls at the stage.

  5. Mac OS X 10.4.6
    PPC G5 1.8
    Flash Player 9.0b

    FPS at standstill:
    FireFox = 38-40
    Safari 2.0.3 = 49-50

    PS – In Safari click’n anywhere (non-link) in the content area of this page opened the test movie page. I couldn’t use the comment form until I switched to FF.

  6. WinXP SP2
    Athlon XP 1600+
    Firefox = ~48fps (from the lowest 41 to highest 49, but idling at 48)

  7. Yes, runs at a stable 49 for me to, firefox and ie. If I try the other example with the ability to change framerate and set it to max, it runs at ~480 :)

    Really nice work btw(as always).

  8. Windows XP SP1
    P4 – 2.6Ghz

    IE 6.0 = 50 FPS
    Mozilla 1.7.13 = 49 FPS
    FireFox = 46 FPS

    good job André Michelle :)

  9. P4/1.8Ghz

    It runs smoothly though the firefox cpu usage goes way up over 50%. Maybe this is the price we have to pay.

  10. Wow, I just did the test on the new Intel Mac Beta player and it runs with 50 fps in Safari. Firefox ( does 45fps but that browser is crap on the Mac anyway.

  11. On PS3 NetFront I get 44 at first and then it drops down to about 20 fps towards the end. But it looks very smooth the whole time. And I think the RAM usage didn’t go about 22% IIRC.


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