Supermario Modplayer

Everything seems to be possible now. After implementing a lot of new features to my current AudioBufferEngine, Joa Ebert pointed me directly to the mod-format. There are tons of songs outside in the net. Here is just the first one and of course, it has to be Super Mario. Underlay your flashgames with 8bit music.

Just 25KB and a stereodelay with short offsets for super-sonic-super-mario-sound :)
Believe it or not, I could easily mix a 909 drumset into the stream. Stay tuned...

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9 thoughts on “Supermario Modplayer”

  1. Yeah, keep it up. Finally I am able to torture the visitors of my website. Thanks for sharing and all the hard work.

    And by the way. MOD files can only consist of 5kb. It is just perfect for webgames. A remake of “Haddaway – What is love” takes only 700kb while the Mp3 is about 4mb :)

    Still great things to come…

  2. I’m not sure that you’ve slept a lot this week-end. ;)

    It’s a great news that it uses at least 1% CPU on a recent machine. I’m sorry not to have time to explore all of those possibilities before than everybody be on the run.

  3. My eyes are full of tears, as I was raised on cracktros and then loved the demoscene.

    You rule, bigtime.

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