Didn’t care about racing games, yet ?

Download track-mania-nations. A free(!) adaption from a commercial game, which is absolute addictive to play. It sometimes reminds me playing a logic puzzle with a racing car (especially the expert tracks). You can create your own tracks and play on LAN and the internet against human opponents. I didn’t care about PC-Games, particularly racing games, but this one is different. Just fast, good to control and looks nice.

Video of aM.01:

download tracks:
aM.01 track|replay
aM.02 track|replay
aM.03 track|replay

Copy the tracks into:
\TrackMania Nations ESWC\GameData\Tracks\Challenges\Downloaded\

8 thoughts on “TrackManiaNations”

  1. Nice replay! Seems like a good map, what did you use to record it? Fraps or is there a recorder ingame? I’ll try to make some maps this weekend, but for now I have a question: How do you make those signs like “Warning!!” “

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