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You may have seen the germany flag in the sidebar. I decided to distribute all 32 team flags as webflags. I didn’t care care about soccer yet except worldcup games. But this time, having the wm2006 in germany, I am completely involved. If you join as a fan with a webflag, leave your url in the comments. Any suggestion are welcome.


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24 thoughts on “Webflags wm2006”

  1. Hi Andre-Michelle

    The Swiss flag is not rectangular, truly it is quadratically.

    Nice Games go-ahead!
    David Urech

  2. Nice idea, I put one on my site aswell :) Germany vs Sweden tomorrow(right?), hehe..

    Good luck! ..I guess…

  3. Nice work done Andre

    I really liked the idea of hosting the flags on site. They look so cool.

    I will also put them on my site!!

  4. Andre there is a problem with the Côte d’ivoire country name. The “ô” in the name is improperly encoded. It seems to be UTF-8 interpreted as simple ASCII.

  5. Hey Andre

    really you have done a wonderful thing and as I liked it so much I am gonna put this work on my site as well! Just wanna know how long did you take to complete this…

  6. Well Andre Just wanna say that you have really done a great work as these days the FIFA World Football cup is on then nobody can miss out an action after seeing the work that you have done. Keep up the good work. All the best!

  7. Well I am still supporting France and wait to see that moment when France is gonna take that World Cup in his hands. Go get it man we all are with you.

  8. I m not supporting any of the ones. But that was a great game, one of the best world cup I remember seeing with soooooo many unexpected victories.

  9. The Football fever was sooo high that everybody has gone crazy about that. Like you have posted a blog for that, whereas in my office we guys are wearing color t-shirts as to shgow that which team are we supporting in. I hope none of us should go mad about it!

  10. All the supporters, now come up and cheers for Italy.Everythings over now.

    And that stuff you posted is pretty cool, found something interesting after a long duration.

  11. I truly liked your style of showing your passion for the WorldCup. It was very unique and anamolous. Keep it up and hats off to your mastermind!!!

  12. Hello Guys,

    I’m new to Flash and AS. How am I to use the .as file in order to generate a flag of my own?

    Thx, KD

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