Air909 – First Air Application

I decided to give AIR a try building my 909 as an AIR application. It comes now with a chromeless, shaped window and save/load functionality to store the whole content (including the parameter values) of the 909 permanently to your harddrive. I have rewritten the 909 engine for making it open source in the next time. Everything should sound as before, even better and less CPU intensive.

Make sure you have the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) installed.

Install Air909 and share your beats!

Please update to the latest version. There was a serious playback bug, that causes clicks.
NEW: Hold SHIFT while clicking START to save a WAV – stream directly to your harddrive!

Note: Make sure you save the file with the *.909 extension.


David Rowald captured me while playing around with the 909 and put it on youtube. Damn you ;)

20 thoughts on “Air909 – First Air Application”

  1. Really nice. There goes my productivity down the drain…addictive. Any plans for an 808 version ( my favorite in the x0x series next to the 303 )

  2. The 808 will be next. I have done several approaches on the TB-303, but I need the original one for analyzing the output. However, I already have the internal sequencer of the 303 perfectly emulated. The most difficult parts are the filters and their envelopes.

  3. Great stuff. What’s the file extension to save out with? It doesn’t default to anything, and then won’t open the saved file.

  4. This is getting better and better. And i’m so happy your also making a 303 :) wooohooo!! If you can also sync the 2 that would be perfect! Let me know how we can contribute!! even through donations cause your work is great and very much appreciated!

  5. Hey Andre I have to say I am amazed at everything you have done. You seem to have a talent for coding I wish I was half as good as you. These are the types of things I aspire to do myself one day but I fear I am a long way off being quite so good as yourself. May I ask how long you have been involved in programming in Flash?

  6. As I try to install the air version of popforge, i get the following:

    This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

  7. Same as Bertz. I really would like to use this, but AIR won’t run it. If anyone does an update or finds a way to make it work, email me at kjohnst 91 @ yahoo (dot) com

  8. Hallo Andre!

    Ich sah heute zum ersten Mal Deinen Online-TR-909! Cooles Gerät ;) Wirst Du Deinen Source freigeben? Denn: ich plane eine Umsetzung eines TR-909 für die Nintendo Wii-Konsole.

    So ein Sequenzer müsste doch zu machen sein! Allerdings kann ich das nur in SDL umsetzten… Interested in???

  9. Hello,

    I downloaded this great program but the Air-version does not work. I only get a empty swf-player. I think the download-link or the data is not complete.

  10. Hello,

    I just downloaded the program but it is made in a older version of AIR than i downed. cam u pleas upgred the program???


  11. Same as Bertz. I really would like to use this, but AIR won’t run it. If anyone does an update or finds a way to make it work, email me at kjohnst 91 @ yahoo (dot) com

  12. i have downloaded the file and are trying to install it on adobe air but get the message:”This application requires an update to Adobe AIR that is not available for your system.

    Please view the system requirements for Adobe AIR and update your system accordingly.”


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