FDT 3.0 released

Powerflasher released a brandnew AS3 version of their flash development tool FDT. I am already working with FDT3.0 in my current project and it is – as FDT1.5 – a huge timesaver in writing and debugging code. Lots of new features! No more Flex curiosities. Give it a try and install the try version.

We surely took our time but now we proudly present the most sophisticated Flash IDE you can think of. “Enjoy pure coding comfort” – that’s what we had in mind when we first decided to put our efforts in developing the Eclipse plug-in for Flashcoders and that’s still what we’re aiming for. We’re very happy to provide you with FDT 3.0 which is – in our view – the best FDT you’ve ever worked with. We enhanced some of the features you already love about FDT 1.5. Then we took this FDT version and amplified its advantages by adding some really cool new features.
AS3 support, individually configurable formatter, semantic highlighting and improved auto completion are only a few of them. The table at the end of this e-mail gives you the best impression on what has changed radically from 1.5 to 3.

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  1. I’m just curious, what does FDT do for you that Flex Builder IDE doesn’t? It seems like there’s a lot of overlap, and FDT costs significantly more than Flex Builder.

    I guess there is a trial version, maybe I should check it out…

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