Flash on the Beach

I am back from Flash on the Beach in Brighton and also completed my move to cologne. Thanks to John Davey, who accomplished a wonderfull conference with an ingredible line-up and also invited me to present my latest audio stuff in Flash. I had a lot of nice discussions about my session with several people and the sound system was great to show the sound quality of the different audio processors, I’ve developed yet. Loud! I hope to be invited next year as well. I had a great time.

Get ready for classic Acid Tunes in spring 2008 and an incredible new audio application providing all the stuff I have shown somewhere in 2008 within your browser.

3 thoughts on “Flash on the Beach”

  1. Andre, you’re talk, as with all your work over the years, was inspired. Each progression you introduced us through your investigations through the sound processing had me sitting there in disbelief. Ever since i first played with rebirth all those years ago, i have wanted to recreate that and more in flash, and now you have made this possible for all of us. Thankyou so much for your work, it is utterly pioneering!
    I think you must have properllorheads worried now!! :-)

    btw, did you ever play with this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeskola_Buzz

  2. You moved to Cologne? Man Berlin just lost his best Flash artist :-( Hope you`re doing fine in Cologne also it`s nothing compared to Berlin ;-)

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