Flash sound issues on vista

I installed Windows Vista today and besides having problems getting familiar with the new look and locations of stuff, I found that the onSoundComplete event is completely out of time on any player I tested. So even in the standalone with the classic design it is really glitchy. Damm, this breaks my flow in programming audio stuff for flash. I am really thinking of getting back to XP for the time it isn’t fixed. I found this blog entry, but I do not have the sound card settings as him.

Any change to get some official notes on this?

11 thoughts on “Flash sound issues on vista”

  1. Yikes. This is the kind of crap that contributed to shelving my own flash audio project. Hope you find a solution that doesn’t require users to fiddle with configuration or a wait for Flash update.

  2. So it really is because of Vista! Interesting! Vista seems to be often troublesome when it comes to audio/video because of the ridiculous Content protection systems. I have to endure with the crappy SoundMAX driver until M-Audio decides to give their customers Vista drivers. Apart from that I think Vista is so far the less-worst Windows version made.

  3. PS2: The Sound Enhancement option can be found under Control Panel/Sound, then select the Speakers icon and click the Properties button then there’s an Enhancements tab. Very well hidden … like always on Windows!

  4. You’re back on XP Andre, but that doesn’t make the problem go away for Vista users. ;]
    I hope Adobe can fix that if it can be fixed. Otherwise we know how Microsoft loves to push other technologies off from their platform … don’t we?!!

  5. sascha: you are right. ‘my’ problem of developing audio stuff in flash is solved. But having all people with the flashplayer installed can listen to it isn’t. I just wanted to point out, that I don’t like vista at all;)

    However, I think adobe or/and microsoft have to force a solution. This will be very difficult from the business view. Too sad. We just have to wait…

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