Lack of information about Flex Compiler

Maybe I should calm down a bit, but it is really annoying not to find any adequate resources about flex compiler arguments or even how flex actually works. This time I wonder, if I am able to write compiler arguments into an Application class (like the SWF tag). Otherwise if I want to export a project with slightly different export settings, I had to create a new projects with slightly different compiler arguments and link the source folder to them. What a mess in my workspace!

Please Adobe:
Create more documents on the compiler settings and show AS3 examples as well. MXML is a pain to read.

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  1. i have not started with flex yet, but i have downloaded a lot of flex/as3 docs from adobe (
    in one of the docs (flex2_buildanddeploy.pdf) there is a list of compiler settings.

    @ runtime shared libs:
    maybe this helps:
    livedocs 1521
    livedocs 0782

    a pdf about the compiler api is also available at the docs(flex2_compiler_api_ug.pdf) has also infos about libs…

    hope this helps a bit ;-)


    why stress brother?
    most compiler args are in the docs..
    If you want to set dynamic values use ANT.

    Unless your doing some crazy shit, it pretty easy..

  3. I’m using FlashDevelop, but here’s my current compiler arguments line (one long line) placed below my imports and above my SWF statement:

    /** @mxmlc -output bin\Player.swf -include-libraries bin -benchmark=true -debug=false -use-network=true -default-frame-rate 99 -es=false -generate-frame-loader=false -headless-server=true -incremental=true -keep-generated-actionscript=false -lazy-init=false -optimize=true -show-actionscript-warnings=true -show-binding-warnings=true -show-deprecation-warnings=true -strict=true -verbose-stacktraces=false -warnings=true


    [ SWF( backgroundColor=’0xFCFCFC’ , width=’650′, height=’400′ ) ]

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