11 thoughts on “Multitouchscreen AS3 controlled”

  1. Ack, another ‘lets rotate photos’-demonstration! What I fail to understand is how is this in any way elegant or useful? I’ve seen soo many video hype recently with formal dressed Marketing-Department guys sitting at glass tables, rotating photos around as if this is the absolute coolest thing on earth but I have yet to see one application that really makes sense for it!

  2. Sascha, whats going on?

    I won’t explain, why this is the coolest thing on earth for the next decade, cause it simply is. However organizing photos is just the obvious application and it makes absolute sense to me.

    Did you ever have seen this?

  3. I think the “multi-touch” is what makes these technologies so interesting! The – admittedly very often abused – photo application is just one possible use. But I can think of a lot of cool games and application supporting concurrent inputs.. Thats revolutionary stuff!

  4. I agree that this stuff is pretty much lame. Microsoft and their 15k table can keep it ….. when in the real world the iPhone has launched with true innovations in UI and human interaction…

    Now when flash player is launched in the iPhone, then this stuff will be very very useful and people will actually start using it !!

  5. Don’t get me wrong! It’s good to see that this is controlled via ActionbScript. However IMHO there is way too much hype around these touch screens. Let’s see if they can cater to the consumer market which reasonable prices. Then we can talk.

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