Popforge Opensouce Project

Acronym POP

Joa Ebert and I started a new code.google.com project to have a better organization of our open sources.

Popforge is an Actionscript 3 code sandbox started by Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert.
Not all of our projects made it to here. We have a lot in the pipe we want to share with the community but still want to assure high quality content. Currently you will find the audio library sources online.


The first contribution is the audio hack within a simple framework plus the complete sources of the 8Bitboy. We rewrite the engine and the GUI to make it more comfortable to read – plus – we could increase the performance dramatically. It takes about 2% CPU on my machine (Dell Inspiron 9300 – Intel Pentium M 1,86Ghz)! There are still some effects missing, however you are invited to contribute. Just get familiar with the source and send me an email with your suggestions. Joa is currently preparing the 8Bitboy to process XM files as well. Notice the context menu to turn on a StereoEnhancer and a BassBoost.

Furthermore there is a WAV De- and Encoder and tiny examples for synthesizing a sound, an audio stream and of course a simple playback example for playback WAV files at any rate (pitch). I released also a new (old) version of a Particle Synthesizer which can create really weird and gripping sound atmospheres. Feel welcome to experiment.

Sound programming is just the new creative playground in Flash!

Joa has also setup two detailed instructions how to create a proper environment using Flex3. However, we organized all sources independently from any IDE. So whatever comes (FDT3.0!!!), you can adapt the sources to your preferences.

projects scheduled next: imageprocessing, cubicvr

Read Joa’s post also!


11 thoughts on “Popforge Opensouce Project”

  1. Too bad it is under the GPL license, therefor it is no use to any closed source application development, nor by others or yourself. Is there any particular reason you choose not to release it under a LGPL license?

  2. Hi Andre and Joa, thanks for this wonderful toy!
    I would like to use the mod engine for some games.
    In a previous post, you were saying “I’m also planning a flex-library(swc) to provide implementing the player in your own projects.”.

    In the sources you have released, is there a library with easy to use functions like play(), stop(), fadein(), fadeout() ?
    I’m using AS3 with flash CS3, is it compatible with your sources (as you talked about flex) ?

    Do you think it is possible to use your engine in the game for the background song ?

    And for little sounds like when the player grab an item during the game ?

    I have another question, can we use freely all these mod songs? I guess it’s almost impossible to contact the authors to ask for authorizations…

    By the way, nobody told it yet, but the name of your project, 8BitBoy, is brilliant.

  3. hey, my name’s valentino. i’d love to be helpful about anything needed about this project. please let me know if there’s something i can do. i own very advanced skills in as2 and i’m getting excited of what can be done with as3. your sound library is great! :)

  4. Hi Andre i’m very interested in learning how to use popforge and i have learned as3. Is possible to use this project with flash enviroment? is there any documentation?

    ahh and thank you for bringing hope to the world of web development.

    Juan Pablo

  5. Hi Andre,
    I was looking for a real good sound library and found popforge while googling. I required to implement a loop sound with pitch control in one of the ActionScript 3 & Flex project I’m doing for one of the client.

    Please let me know how it could be possible with your libraries.

    Thanks to you guys for such a great work which Adobe is still in process of thinking about.


  6. Hello, forgive my poor english I’m french.
    I’ve just donne a really small work to do a class to convert MP3 to samples Arrays processables by the effects of your classes.
    I know I also can concvert your effects to process a byteArray but if you’re interested in :

    The end of my project is to do a remix station for dub music

  7. What’s necessary to get the ParametricEQ working? I’ve tried passing samples converted from a WavFormat object (WavFormat.samples), but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve changed a few of the parameters (using setValue), but still no changes.

    Are these fully working or were they work-in-progress?

  8. The songs from the old site are currently converting into the new format, which takes a lot of time. I expect the beta launch every hour.

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