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Joa & I are very busy at the moment contributing more stuff to our little open source project PopForge. There are lots of new stuff in the line. For now, I recoded the 909 from the scratch – hopefully less CPU intensive and with better sound quality. The sound samples and grains are now stored into a single file, introducing Joa’s compressing FurnaceFormat. Quite elegant!

Source code 909 GUI | Source code Popforge package (including 909 processor)

Furthermore I have updated the AIR version of the 909. You can now stream a Wavefile to disk while playing your session. If AIR will be some day as distributed as the FlashPlayer, we will have good times. I like it. Joa is also preparing FUI, a smart and simple GUI Creationset to build UIs in actually no time. This will be a huge timesaver for creating and debugging synthesizer and effect devices.


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  1. Cool stuff ! Thanks for sharing. I just made a small test with the AudioBuffer class. I fill it with new samples from a WavFormat object on every complete call. Then I call update() Sadly only the first sound object is played. All sounds generated after the first are not played. I put traces in every important step but don’t see a problem. Any ideas? greetings, Oliver

  2. Hey, guys,

    This might be a totally n00b question, buuut … how do you copy the code for the 909 player into a CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, etc.), so you can play it (and play with it) on the website? There are a lot of files there … (separate ones for buttons, etc.) …

    I tried copying and pasting one of the files, (eg. FL909GUI.as), and I got an error. Do I put at the end? (Still learning PHP, bear with me.) Help! :(

  3. Maybe it\’s not working in Joomla because it\’s ActionScript!? Well, at least you\’re right about the n00b question :P Action Script is the Flash scripting language, this is no PHP code. Maybe you might start learning AS3? It\’s an interesting object-orientated language to learn. Good luck

  4. This is so cool, didn’t think it was possible to play around with audio that much. Really really impressed here =)

    Got a question, I’m guessing that the file “firstrun.909” has all the audio files? How is that created, want to try to change some of the beats.

  5. hey there,

    can i implement this software on a site made with iweb?
    as I’m not a web programmer, but a music producer i stumbled accross this through beatport and thought it would be a nice thing to promote and offer.
    A quick guide how to would do – you got something like that?

  6. Hi there…

    I tried you flash conversion of the 909, this is amazing!!! I didn’t imagine AS could have such possibilities. I’m barely able to program buttons for my website, so…
    I just have a little question here, I was wondering if it is possible to make it work on Archos (Gen5 devices)?
    These devices are flash compatible, but it only plays *.swf files… Is it possible to download the swf animation? Will it work independantly, or does it require an other content with the sounds?

    Let me know….

    Many thanks anyway for you works!!!

  7. Actionscript sound enthusiasts might be interested in a small interactive art-toy – PlayWithMozart – http://www.codemuse.net/blog/?p=1 – which uses the Popforge library. Many thanks to Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert for writing the Popforge library and making it available. I found it quite easy to use and adapt, including packaging sounds in the furnace format, thanks to the good organization of the code and examples provided.

    I plan to post the code for PlayWithMozart as soon as I get to comment it.

  8. …so I am reworking the instrument and adding my own modules, entirely reworking the graphics and creating an entirely new instrument that combines the effects of the t909 with the 303 bass sequencer..[porting freebirth to flash…and well,….

    I wish to know how to ….create and compile my own as.rom….

    [I need to convert new samples and my own samples to the furrnace format, so that is does not simply use the default samples, add several more samples, and expand as.rom to include…

    please get back to me immediately, as I wish to do it before tomorrow morning..:)

  9. this is great! i was wondering if it’s possible to send the full buffer to a new WavFormat/WavEncoder (ie as a bounced mix), as opposed to the audio output, which would allow us to export the mix as a wav? (well, raw byte data post processed via PHP to output back as file)


  10. Im not a computer techy type guy so excuse my ignorance but how can this(the 909) be used in a studio session like Logic or Protools.How can i take my 909 created pattern and track individual sounds?

  11. Awesome Libraries! It is a little difficult to get it running on flash due to the binary embeds. It would be nice if the binaries were embeded in the sourcecode as Base64 strings. You can comment those lines out for flex use but it makes those classes much easier to use with flash. Again thank you for publishing these classes. They have taught me so much!

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  13. Hi, I just found this wonderful tool therefore I’m pretty new on this my question is if this tool it is just on line or there is a site where can I down load it?

  14. Hi, wow wow wow. Well great job sir, you are my hero, now there seems to be a problem with the code. I just can’t download it, it seems it is unabalable

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