Oh my, even I wanted to have a cute looking computer sometime and an os, which doesn’t remind of its existence consistently. And after one day having Vista installed, the Windows world was crumbling and I was seriously looking for alternatives. And now it has happened. After 9 years of looking on Windows desktops, I have a brand-new MacBook Pro running Leopard. All I say is I’m pleased. It is good – and yes – maybe much better than I expected from a computer before seen by me as a toy.

One thing though. Does anyone know how to get aliased fonts in my eclipse environment without changing it for the whole OS ?

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of macs!

    Open up Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

    and type;
    defaults write org.eclipse.eclipse AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 20

    or for flex;
    defaults write com.adobe.flexbuilder AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 20

    Where any font over size 20 will be smoothed. This’ll work for any program.

    For more info on defaults, enter “man defaults” in the Terminal.

    Btw, if you’re looking for a good coding program for mac, I highly recommend Coda:

  2. oh noes! another one lost to the enemy side! ah well whatever is your poison! ;)
    but I don’t know why so many people bash Vista? It’s the ‘less worst’ windows now IMHO. Ok, first I also tore it to pieces but by now it’s not so bad. And I see my wife working on Macs everyday and I know that Macs are no paradise either.

  3. Welcome to the other side…I made the jump when OSX first came out, and haven’t looked back. Although Leopard’s been a thorn in my side, with internet connection issues, I’ve even considered downgrading back to Tiger. Hopefully you don’t have that problem!

  4. @sascha: I know exactly what you mean. I always felt sorry about people leaving Windows jumping to the hippy whippy OS. After three days I can say. I won’t go back for any reason. Everything has its place. It’s not only a nice computer. It has a different philosophy – knowing the user. Ok, enough commercial. Few months ago I had never expected to change. Be prepared :)

  5. Give us an update in 3 months or so. So many people moving MAC. I have no desire to go to Vista after some machines at work use it. I wish the OS trends was to go minimal. I have an old mac and a *nix ubuntu box but still Windows. I am still within the walls.

  6. I’ve been using macs all my life since the green screen Apple II SE’s and I’m sad to say that my Macbook Pro is the last one I’ll buy. As great as their OS is, Linux is transparent. Everything should be open source. But don’t let me discourage you, have fun with your mac!

  7. Upon logging in to your main site, the robotic voice that says your name disturbed and angered me. As a child, I was molested and attacked by a wayward and outlaw gang of robots that had escaped. When I heard this robotic voice on your site, I soiled myself. Please remove that voice. Please. Other than that, I like your work.

  8. There were always glorified switcher reports (I switched during the Mac OS 8 era). But lately I noticed that the longer people hold on to Windows, the more they regret it.

    Plus you can finally ditch that chunk Dell called a notebook. :-)

    Hehe… “I should have done this like a million years ago!” (

  9. heeheehee, you may not remember this but the first time I knew about you and your awesome flash work, your web page said something like “for IE only” and could not be seen on Mac as a crappy javascript blocked any Mac access , of course immediately I wrote you an e-mail complaining about the Pc only attitude ;)…
    More than a couple of years later what we have? André on the right side of the fence!!!

    I could not imagine that in a million years… welcome!!! but what took you so long?

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