Splicemusic is online – DSP Audio with Flashplayer 9

# I admit, I am a bit late, but I needed some rest after 8 months of development. Splice is finally online! Truly Splicemusic is an awesome Web2.0 application. The audio gap is closed. However this could only be a start. Splice is extendable, working with a Plugin API developed by Bram de Jong. Yes, its true – unfortunately I didn’t have my hand on the audio core engine (except the 404, hehe), but believe me, Bram was and is the best man for this. He has a huge background in DSP programming, developing professional VST plugins. He learnt AS3 in three days!
So then, I was alone responsible for the whole UI and this was the worst trip I ever had. Starting as an actual newbie in complex design patterns and even AS3 was young, this application was my baby beneath my nightmares. There are nice things implemented as a liquid layout engine (try resizing) and an Action design pattern (thanks to Carsten Müller for this one), editors and device views for almost everything controllable (don’t forget to try the modulations!). Together with Bram, we wired all that stuff together into an application with more than 800 classes and countless lines. Thanks to version control, I could still work in chilly Berlin, while they was making party in Barcelona ;)

Splice has some ass-kicking new features, that you never saw in your browser. Based on the famous audio hack we provide realtime synthesizer, realtime effect plugins, realtime time-stretching and what not. A lot of small helpers are integrated everywhere and the team is still posting the features in our blog. Give it a try and let us know.

A big Thank You for Extrajetzt in Berlin, who supplied the whole graphic design in actual no time! Guido and David did an awesome job here. And I thank Bram, Mikko, Antti, Amiee, Ingrid and the rest of the team for giving me support in wicked times.

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10 thoughts on “Splicemusic is online – DSP Audio with Flashplayer 9”

  1. It seems like the app does not like the new beta player, is that right? It tries to get the user to update to an older player…

  2. FYI : got some error here with WIN 9,0,60,120

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference at SongHeader/private::proceedEmptySongHeader()

    cool anyway ;)

  3. Very awesome work! Did you use the AS3 integrated LayoutManager for the liquid layout or build your own one? It seems to arrange much more fluid than the built in one…

  4. Awesome release… it´s worth it!
    Really looking forward to listen to your session on fotb´07 this year.

    Keep it up

  5. Hi Andre,

    you guys are doing great things ! :)

    one thing I would like to see is having a song in mp3 (in form of export to mp3 button in sequencer), so people can play it easy, maybe it’s there but I can’t find it
    or maybe it’s that converting sequencer song to mp3 would be very demanding thing to do it’s left for next release

    respect for your work

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