The calm before the storm

This is the obligatory “why I am not writing in my blog” post with the obligatory answer “cause I am very busy”. But this is for good. For almost 4 months now, we are coding the next generation (complete new approach) of, an online music application tool for flash9player.

A project like this is a dream, which I have for 7 years now. Now with a fantastic team we are coming closer to make it real. This is from my point of view the most complex flash application ever built, highly addicted and can and will produce high quality music output. Since this is all in heavy development, I cannot post demos or even screenshots. I hope to get ready within the next 2 months.

The impulse to write this posting was this posting I found recently in my referrers. It actually says that it is impossible what we are currently doing.

I love my Job :)

24 thoughts on “The calm before the storm”

  1. If you call it “the most complex flash application ever built” i can’t wait to see the result.
    Keep up pushing the borders.

  2. André, I didn’t say what you are doing is impossible. I just felt that the task is too bleeding edge and result not likely to be robust enough for general use (meaning old computers).

    I am, however, very impressed with your work as well as SpliceMusic, particularly with it’s tempo-changing feature.

  3. @Don: Well, this was a joke anyway. But the current version online is not assimilable to what we are building right now. Everything will be changed. And: AS3 IS fast enough to provide this. You need a fast computer, but that is the same for ‘normal’ music software.

    I wish, I could give a tiny sneak preview :)

  4. aaargh… this teasing is so cruel…
    i can’t wait to see the results, or should i say “hear” hehe

  5. I have to say that I am very impressed with all the work you are doing here. I was just playing around with some of your sound demos on the lab, and though I’ve never really been into sound programming, I found it extremely fun. Keep pushing the envelope with AS3, I’m always glad to see more of these demos.

    Good Luck,

  6. andre, we could all feel it, we all knew you were going to do this and it will be great!

    maybe you could make text-to-speech be client-side with AS3 also??

  7. hi andre, i saw that message from “Chuck Nostrand” in my e-mail. how rotten! it is online, that is what matters the most, and he completely ignored what that makes possible, new ways to interact with music… his sarcasm and anger only shows he is jealous. When will we see this in action!!!!

  8. I too recieved that message from “Chuck Nostrand” in my e-mail.
    Well, I do not find it rotten, we can have positive or negative opinions about that matter, cant we?
    André’s announcement was sure to provoke a comment like this. (i would have allowed that comment to be listed here ;-), just for the fun of multifaceted comments. )

  9. Negative opinion is one thing, unnecessary roughness is another.

    There is nothing wrong with being wrong when no harm is done. And there something wrong with harming others to be right.

    Sorry, another Zen leak.

  10. yeah, you can call this zen leak, maybe the guy just had a bad day and was frustrated because he isnt the one that gets all the good flash jobs.

    Whatever… I hope that andre’s zen is good enough to fullfil his promise.

  11. Oh, teasing is so cruel. After seeing all the other audio stuff you’ve done with flash, i can’t even imagine what the result will be like.. Can’t wait!

  12. I too recieved that message from “Chuck Nostrand” in my e-mail.
    Well, I do not find it rotten, we can have positive or negative opinions about that matter, cant we?

  13. André, I’m a big fan of your flash work for too many years now!!!, and I’m amazed at having to ask you the same thing as when I found your website for the first time, make it work on Mac too!!!!!!!!, I’m talking about, your site works fine :)

    About splice site, it keeps asking for flash version 9.0.47, which I have installed since day 1, go beat that javascript now, as I’m pretty confident the flash part will work fine in all “my precious” hehe.

  14. ok, eating my pants now, somehow your autoupdate plugin feature rolled back to 9.0.45 my browser plugin, installed manually again and everything is fine now. good work!!!

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